210 E. Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030
T: +408.354.7700 - F: +408.354.7701

Wednesday through Sunday
5:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.

Outdoor patio open from May to October, weather permitting


Our Story

How to Pronounce 'Dio Deka'

The name translates as “2-10” from Greek, representing the venue at 210 E. Main Street, while coincidentally it also serves as the area code of Athens.
Located in the historic and charming downtown of Los Gatos, the swanky space is set in a contemporary atmosphere within the Tuscan style villa of the Hotel Los Gatos. Along with its stunning courtyard and patio scenes, the restaurant offers private rooms that cater to all types of private parties, business, corporate and social functions.
Dio Deka is the culmination of the dreams from five Greek business partners and longtime friends: Nikos Kalouris, Vagelis Papazisis, Yiani Dulles, Julian Platis, Petros Katopodis all with the financial backing from former business partner Stratton Sclavos and the late great Jody Bostic-Sclavos.
Since the inaugural launch November 1st, 2006 the restaurant has enjoyed countless accolades in various publications, it has received numerous “Awards of Excellence” for its comprehensive wine list and even made a bit of history as the first restaurant in the United States to showcase Greek cuisine and receive a Michelin star in 2011 and 2012. To this date Dio Deka still maintains an award-winning “Michelin Plate” status.

Encompassing many of the dishes and traditions of the greater Mediterranean, Dio Deka features Hellenic cuisine – the Greek cuisine at its grandest, served in a warm and relaxing setting with a commitment to old-world hospitality.

This concept was taken to the next level by creating innovative dishes from authentic Greek regional traditions, in many instances even using heirloom recipes from the partners, revisited with imagination and executed with talent from chef Nicko Moulinos.
The menu experiments with new combinations in flavors and presentation while using the finest in quality ingredients possible. Emphasis has always been placed on locally grown, seasonal fare and sun-loving fruits and vegetables. Organic produce, USDA Premium beef, organic pork and free-range chicken coexist on the award-winning menu while further accentuated by artisan Greek products such as cheeses, olive oil, oregano, and thyme-scented honey.
Not to be missed are the chef’s extraordinary lamb dishes and fish flown-in from Greece. The craft cocktails as well as the wine list are just as hot and noteworthy as is the bar scene.
The overriding value at Dio Deka is that of filoxenia, the Greek word for traditional hospitality, in which a stranger –xenos, is instantly made a friend – filos after being welcomed into one’s home. For that reason, all five managing partners can be seen mingling with guests helping to spread filoxenia among staff and their guests.